With this fine spirit we salute those of you who through courage, willpower, and resolve continue to drive yourselves forward. You’ve honed your skills and sharpened your tools working tirelessly to rule your own destiny with character, purpose, and vision. We sincerely hope we’ll be with you when your journey leads you to THE LION’S SHARE.


I’m Phillip Hockey, and I’ve poured my heart into the wine and restaurant business for over 25 years. Now, I’m embarking on a new venture that’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember: creating Lion’s Share Spirits, an all-organic spirit line crafted for the hardworking folks of Northeastern Ohio. My life’s work has been about bringing people together over a great meal and a fine glass of wine, and I want to extend that passion into every bottle we produce at Lion’s Share.

In collaboration with Western Reserve Distillers here in Lakewood, Ohio, we’re kicking things off with a smooth vodka, and we won’t stop there. Our sights are set on developing a boldly flavored juniper gin and a lightly aged, exquisite agave spirit. The inspiration behind Lion’s Share is the embodiment of our community in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio: resilient, dedicated, and hardworking. We rise with the dawn and put in an honest day’s work, and when the day is done, we’ve earned the right to savor the lion’s share.

Our spirits are more than just a drink at the end of the day—they’re a tribute to the sweat and perseverance that define us. With every sip of Lion’s Share, you’re toasting to the value of hard work and the satisfaction that comes with it. This is my invitation to you: when you sit back to enjoy the fruits of your labor, let it be with a spirit that’s as earnest and uncompromising as the day’s work you’ve put behind you. Here’s to the lion’s share—yours and mine.