Dr. T’s Tea

Immerse yourself in the botanical tranquility of Dr. T’s Tea, where the crispness of Lion’s Share Gin meets the serene sweetness of lavender syrup, enhanced by a tangy twist of lemon. This drink’s charm is further deepened by the gradual infusion from a hibiscus tea ice cube, offering a beverage that’s as visually arresting as it is delightful to the palate.


Step into the ring with the Luchador, a cocktail that delivers a powerful punch of Lion’s Share Agave Blanco and the exotic intrigue of falernum, rounded out with the vibrant zing of passionfruit puree. The enigmatic whisper of absinthe and a splash of lime bring this contender to a complex crescendo, perfect for those who dare to taste the thrill of the fight in their glass.

Lion’s Latte

Indulge in the boldness of Lion’s Latte, a sumptuous cocktail that marries the robustness of Lion’s Share Vodka with the creamy whispers of Irish crème and the rich, velvety touch of Kahlua, all awakened by a shot of espresso and sweetened with a hint of vanilla syrup. This concoction is a testament to sophistication and indulgence, perfect for those who appreciate the finer sips in life.


Savor the allure of Figget-About-It, a cocktail that effortlessly melds the robust spirit of Lion’s Share Agave Blanco with the luscious sweetness of fig and honey simple syrup, all sharpened by a hint of lime juice. This sumptuous fusion beckons with its earthy undertones and honeyed finish, a true toast to the discerning palate seeking a touch of indulgence.

Gin And A Blonde

Unveil the crisp elegance of the Gin and a Blonde, a refreshing cocktail that harmonizes the botanical purity of Lion’s Share Gin with the herbal sophistication of Suze Liqueur, all brightened by a splash of fresh lemon juice. This golden-hued elixir is a graceful nod to classic charm, offering a smooth, citrus-kissed journey with every sip.

Verde Mary

Awaken your senses with the Verde Mary, a vibrant twist on the classic Bloody Mary. This invigorating blend combines the crispness of Lion’s Share Vodka with the fresh zing of tomatillos, underscored by the crunch of celery, the heat of jalapeño, and the aromatic lift of fresh cilantro. Each sip delivers a complex harmony of flavors, elevated by the piquant undercurrent of horseradish and a seasoning of cumin, salt, and pepper.