Dr. T’s Tea

Immerse yourself in the botanical tranquility of Dr. T’s Tea, where the crispness of Lion’s Share Gin meets the serene sweetness of lavender syrup, enhanced by a tangy twist of lemon. This drink’s charm is further deepened by the gradual infusion from a hibiscus tea ice cube, offering a beverage that’s as visually arresting as it is delightful to the palate.

2 oz Lion’s Share Gin
1 oz lavender syrup
½ oz lemon
hibiscus tea ice cube

Prepare hibiscus tea ice cubes in advance by brewing a strong hibiscus tea and freezing it into cube form.

Shake 2oz Lion’s Share Gin, 1oz lavender syrup, and ½ oz lemon vigorously. For an optional velvety froth, include an egg white.

Pour the mixture over a hibiscus tea ice cube in a rocks glass, allowing the cube to imbue the cocktail with its floral essence.

Garnish with star anise to enhance the drink’s aromatic profile.