Cocktail Gin And A Blonde

Unveil the crisp elegance of the Gin and a Blonde, a refreshing cocktail that harmonizes the botanical purity of Lion’s Share Gin with the herbal sophistication of Suze Liqueur, all brightened by a splash of fresh lemon juice. This golden-hued elixir is a graceful nod to classic charm, offering a smooth, citrus-kissed journey with every sip.

2 oz  Lion’s Share GIN
1 oz  Suze liqueur
½ oz lemon juice

In a shaker, combine 2oz Lion’s Share Gin, 1oz Suze Liqueur, and ½ oz fresh lemon juice.

Vigorously shake the mixture to blend the botanical and citrus notes thoroughly.

Strain the concoction over fresh ice into a Collins glass, ensuring a cool, invigorating experience.

Adorn with a lemon wheel, adding a sunlit garnish to this delightful libation.