Step into the ring with the Luchador, a cocktail that delivers a powerful punch of Lion’s Share Agave Blanco and the exotic intrigue of falernum, rounded out with the vibrant zing of passionfruit puree. The enigmatic whisper of absinthe and a splash of lime bring this contender to a complex crescendo, perfect for those who dare to taste the thrill of the fight in their glass.

2 oz Lion’s Share Agave Blanco
1/2oz  falernum
1 ½ oz passionfruit puree
¼ oz absinthe
¼ oz lime

Combine 2oz Lion’s Share Agave Blanco, 1/2oz falernum, 1 ½ oz passionfruit puree, ¼ oz absinthe, and ¼ oz lime juice in a cocktail shaker.

Shake with the fervor of a luchador to fully integrate the daring flavors.

Strain the vibrant concoction into a cocktail coupe, a canvas that allows each bold note to shine.

Adorn with a slice of dragon fruit, serving as a striking garnish that mirrors the cocktail’s audacious spirit.