Dr. T’s Tea

Immerse yourself in the botanical tranquility of Dr. T’s Tea, where the crispness of Lion’s Share Gin meets the serene sweetness of lavender syrup, enhanced by a tangy twist of lemon. This drink’s charm is further deepened by the gradual infusion from a hibiscus tea ice cube, offering a beverage that’s as visually arresting as it is delightful to the palate.

Gin And A Blonde

Unveil the crisp elegance of the Gin and a Blonde, a refreshing cocktail that harmonizes the botanical purity of Lion’s Share Gin with the herbal sophistication of Suze Liqueur, all brightened by a splash of fresh lemon juice. This golden-hued elixir is a graceful nod to classic charm, offering a smooth, citrus-kissed journey with every sip.